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Service is a shared characteristic for those who take an oath to protect and defend Americans.  SOF welcomes any opportunity to assist in giving back and advocates positive attitudes towards those who volunteer their time in the community. 

"It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it."                                                    — Albert Einstein



Community Service

While we understand that serving offers experience and life lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom – an education is also earned and treasured.  SOF values this fundamental advantage and offers scholarships, personal advice and assistance in furthering educational pursuits. 

Scholarships and Grants given on behalf of SOF, assist with tuition and other financial burdens associated with gaining an education.  Examples are, but not limited to, books, meal plans, parking, and tutoring opportunities.

Special Operators Foundation (SOF) is a prospering 501(c)(3) charitable organization established to Honor Those Who Serve and Sustain Their Families.

Ivan Castro, the Founder and President of Special Operators Foundation, established SOF in 2014 to meet the immediate needs and everyday challenges of our Special Operations Forces and their Families as they arise.

Special Operators Foundation achieves these demands within three fundamental pillars:

For some, transitioning to the civilian work force may present challenges  Securing employment in a viable career field of choice is imperative.  

In a 2012 survey of new veterans with Prudential, Inc. 60% of veterans reported that translating their military service to the civilian job market was a significant challenge

SOF provides assistance in services that support resume writing, interview skills, and direct job placement to mitigate these significant challenges.